Unapologetically Plant Based

Adverb. In a manner that does not acknowledge or express regret.🤘

Created for Culinary Rebels

For those about to cook, we salute you.

Up until now, PAOW! was only available to professional chefs braving the heat of foodservice kitchens. Now the versatility of PAOW! Pieces is available at home, in six plate-dropping flavors.

3 Simple Ingredients


PAOW! Pieces are the base product for our retail lineup. Pieces are created with three simple all-natural ingredients—soy, water, and salt—it’s the healthy plant-based protein for creating revolutionary flavor experiences.

The PAOW! taste revolution is for everyone: flexitarians, omnivores, vegetarians, vegans, and meat eaters… anyone who loves inspiring dishes full of amazing flavor and texture.

PAOW! Overview


  • Our Story

    Our Team had a vision: to feed the planet with plants, not animals. We set out to model this vision with creations to disrupt the status quo with BOLDNESS, originality, and without compromise!

    What began as a dream was grown into a state-of-the-art production facility in Ormond Beach, Florida. We are now poised to deliver on that dream and vision, which began nearly 25 years ago. Rock the Food

  • About Us

    Future Foods Enterprises, LLC is an innovative US company producing remarkable, protein-rich foods made entirely from plants.

    In our state-of-the-art facility in Ormond Beach, FL, we produce PAOW!, a delicious, versatile, and sustainable alternative to animal protein. We proudly source our soy from USA farmers, Indiana to be more precise.